Senayah Design is an architectural and urban design consultancy that focuses on the integration of local-level stakeholders - Residents' Associations, BIAs, Community and Neighbourhood Associations, cultural institutions, business owners, school communities and more - into the design and implementation of projects in the public realm. 

Founded in 2012, we work in both technical and social/facilitation capacities in collaboration with other professionals, non-profits and municipal departments around Toronto and beyond. We bring the grassroots and professional levels of practice together to ensure the delivery of sustainable spaces, programs and project frameworks.

Our project range in size from small "pocket" sites to large city-wide initiatives. We work at all stages of a project, from initial project definition and brainstorming through design development, program design and on-site implementation, as appropriate to the nature of the initiative.

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Image credits, L to R: Aidan Grove-White, Maeva Baudoin, Larissa Kucharyshyn