As part of the Art of the Danforth festival, Senayah Design planned and led a community brainstorming charrette to identify issues and set goals for the revitalization of the laneways to the west of Coxwell Station. These laneways are an important pedestrian through-route between the subway station and the major local artery of the Danforth but are currently bland and utilitarian, and unsafe at night due to a lack of lighting and "eyes on the street".

During the Reimagining the Laneway charrette we led community members, business owners and property owners from the immediate area, as well as the local MP, MPP and City Councillor and a representative of the TTC through a series of fact-finding questions and sketching exercises to identify current strengths and weaknesses and to develop a vision for the space. Participants indicated a real desire for the laneways to play a positive role in the public realm of the neighbourhood. They underlined the need for them to function as shared spaces, with pedestrian traffic, parking, service access, pop-up community events, informal play space, greening and community art coexisting side by side.

These issues and aspirations will be used as a base on which to build the next stages of the project, which will unfold over the coming months.

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Image credit: Kseija Spasic