We're excited to be partnering with Grounded Planning on The Laneway Project, a multi-faceted, multi-stakeholder non-profit organization focused on creating a network of vibrant, safe, and people-oriented laneways throughout the city of Toronto.

Toronto has an extensive network of more than 2400 laneways running between and in parallel to its street grid, covering more than 250 km and often publicly owned. These laneways are predominantly utilitarian – they are spaces for servicing, garbage storage, loading dock access and parking. These are important functions that cannot be ignored, but the reality is that the City’s laneways go unused for much of the day and night. They are often ugly, deteriorating, unsafe and forgotten places. Our laneways are not living up to their potential.

The Laneway Project is set up to complement the work of the City in revitalizing Toronto’s laneways; to build upon and help to drive the infrastructure, planning and policy work done by different municipal departments. We collaborate directly with local communities on the project visioning and detailed design of hard and soft laneway improvements, on the planning and execution of laneway events and other interventions in the spaces. We then draw on the lessons learned over the course of our community-level work to provide the City with input as it drafts city-wide laneway policy, creating a supportive framework for the planning and implementation of sustainable laneway revitalization projects across Toronto.

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Image credits, L to R: The Laneway Project, Maeva Baudoin, Katrina Afonso